The Fairy / La fée
Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy, Belgium, France, 2011
Directed by: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy
Script: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy
Producer: Marina Festré
Production company: Courage Mon Amour Films, MK2 Productions, France 3 Cinéma
Cinematography: Claire Chidéric
Editing: Sandrine Deegen
Cast: Bruno Romy, Didier Armbruster, Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon
Format: 35mm
Running time: 93'

Belgium-based trio Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy follow their acclaimed Iceberg and Rumba with another candy-colored romp. Dom works as a night clerk at a small hotel in the industrial port city of Le Havre. One night, a strangely dressed woman named Fiona arrives and claims she is a fairy. She grants Dom three wishes, and makes his first two wishes come true before mysteriously vanishing. By now, Dom has fallen in love with Fiona, and he proceeds to embark on a search for his elusive fairy. The third feature film by the gifted trio of physical comedians Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, and Bruno Romy, The Fairy presents a series of slapstick set pieces which hark back to the work of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Jacques Tati. Filled with a colorful cast of supporting characters and a number of gracefully executed dance sequences, The Fairy is a whimsical tale about the happiness that can be squeezed out of even the most mundane of lives.

Awards and Festivals
Hamptons International Film Festival 2011 - The Golden Starfish Narrative Feature Award
Magritte Awards 2011 – Best Sound, Best Costume Design
Cannes Film Festival 2011
Vancouver International Film Festival 2011

Directors Biography
Fiona Gordon is Canadian. Born in Australia in 1957, she lives in Brussels.Dominique Abel is Belgian. Born in Thuin in 1957, he lives in Brussels. They studied movement and theatre in Paris. In the nineties, they began making short films. Bruno Romy was a math teacher, a supermarket manager, a clown, a theatre technician. Then he decided to make films. From 2004 to 2005, they made their first feature, The Iceberg. In 2008 they made second feature film Rumba. Both films were in Zagreb's Film Festival competition programs and awarded with Golden Pram award. The Fairy is their third feature film made together.

Location and screening schedule:
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Monday, October 15th at 21.00
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Tuesday, October 16th at 19.00
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Saturday, October 20th at 17.00
Slika 1 Slika 2