Clip / Klip
Maja Miloš, Serbia, 2012.
Directed by: Maja Miloš
Script: Maja Miloš
Producer: Srdan Golubović, Jelena Mitrović
Production company: Baš Čelik
Cinematography: Vladimir Simić
Editing: Stevan Filipović
Cast: Isidora Simijonović, Vukašin Jasnić, Sanja Mikitišin, Jovo Maksić, Monja Savić
Format: DCP
Running time: 100'

Clip is not another 'coming-of-age' story about the complexities of adolescence. Miloš has made an honest and non-judgmental portrait of teenagers caught in sexual and social turmoil. Sexually explicit and emotionally disturbing, it goes beyond borders and even further. Jasna is a beautiful girl in her mid-teens. Disillusioned by her life in a remote Serbian town with a dispirited mother and terminally ill father, she opposes everyone, including herself, and goes wild, experimenting with sex, drugs and simply killing time. But gradually, this desperate protest helps her come to terms with painful reality. In her first feature, Maja Miloš explores the disturbing state of adolescence as bravely and honestly as her protagonist explores herself. Isidora Simijonović, a debutant, gives a striking and fearless performance full of contrasts. Together they create a highly dynamic and vibrant portrait of wasted youth lost in the search for identity.

Awards and Festivals
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012 – Tiger Award, KNF Award
Vilnius International Film Festival 2012 – Best Actress
Transylvania International Film Festival 2012 - Best Director
Brussels International Film Festival 2012 - Best Debut Film
Peace And Love International Film Festival 2012 - Best Debut Film
Cinema City 2012. - Best Film
Sofest 2012. - Best Director

Directors Biography
Maja Miloš, born in 1983, Belgrade, Serbia, graduated in Film Directing at the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2008. She directed 11 short films during her studies, including Interval (2003) and Si tu timažin (2004). In 2005, she took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus and in 2006 she attended the Documentary Film School in Paris. Clip (2012) is her first feature-length film.

Location and screening schedule:
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 13.00
EUROPA CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 22.00
EUROPA CINEMA, Thursday, October 18th at 17.00
EUROPA CINEMA, Sunday, October 21st at 21.00
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