Teddy Bear / 10 timer til Paradis
Mads Matthiesen, Denmark, 2012.
Directed by: Mads Matthiesen
Script: Mads Matthiesen, Martin P. Zandvliet
Producer: Morten Kjems, Juhl Birgitte Skov, Karoline Leth, Morten Frederiksen, Michael Fleischer
Production company: SF Film Production ApS, Beofilm
Cinematography: Laust Trier Mørk
Editing: Adam Nielsen
Music: Sune Martin
Cast: Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lamiaporn S. Hougaard
Format: 35mm
Running time: 93'

38 year-old Dennis is a painfully shy bodybuilder who still lives at home with his overbearing mother. When his socially awkward uncle marries a girl from Thailand, Dennis is inspired to go and do the same. Quickly thrown into the seedy underbelly of Thailand's sex tourism scene, he nearly gives up on finding a bride of his own. But when a visit to a local gym turns into an unexpected night on the town, Dennis finds that there may be hope for him yet.

Awards and Festivals
Sundance Film Festival 2012 - World Cinema Directing Award
Off Plus Camera 2012 - Grand Prix International Dramatic 'Making Way' Competition
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012
Melbourne International Film Festival 2012
Los Angeles Film Festival 2012
Jerusalem Film Festival 2012
Audience Award in Athens FIlm Festival
Grand Prix at the Jameson CineFest 9th Annual Miskolc International Film Festival in Hungary

Directors Biography
Mads Matthiesen was born in 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has a BA in comparative literature and rhetoric from Copenhagen University 2005. He graduated as Director from the “Super16” film community in 2008. Within the last 10 years Mads has directed more than 10 short films witch has participated and won prices at festivals like: Venice International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, London Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand, Tampere International Film festival, Nordic Panorama and Cork Film Festival. Teddy Bear is his first feature film as a director.

Location and screening schedule:
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Monday, October 15th at 10.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Monday, October 15th at 19.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Tuesday, October 16th at 15.00
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