The New World / Uus Maailm
Jaan Tootsen, Estonia, 2011.
Directed by: Jaan Tootsen
Script: Jaak Kilmi, Jaan Tootsen
Producer: Jaak Kilmi
Production company: Kuukulgur Film
Cinematography: Jaak Kilmi, Jaan Tootsen
Editing: Jaan Tootsen, Marta Pulk
Music: Sander Saarmets
Format: video
Running time: 89'

Like most European cities, Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is ruled by cars. When yet another road intended exclusively for cars was opened in the New World district in 2006, a group of locals finally ran out of patience. After staging a protest with respirators and gas masks that prevented a ceremonial procession to open this road, cycling activist Erko and architecture student Marten decided with their friends to set up the New World Society. Their work involves implementing various activities that restrict automobile transport in the district, e.g., spray painting fake pedestrian crossings. They decide to present to the mayor and city officials ideas for improving the area and turning it into a pleasant and healthy place to live while obviating the dictatorship of cars. This film about the activities of a young group of Estonians, whose actions manage to inspire many other people in various parts of the country, takes a look at the vital role civic activism plays in contemporary society.

Awards and Festivals
Estonian Association of Film Journalists 2011 – Best Film
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2011
One World 2012

Directors Biography
Jaan Tootsen, born 1975 in Estonia, studied at the Estonian Institute of Humanities and graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University. He is working as a program editor at Estonian Radio. The New World was screened at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2011 and in the same year won the prize for the best film from the Estonian Association of Film Journalists.

Location and screening schedule:
GRIČ CINEMA, Friday, October 19th at 14.00
GRIČ CINEMA, Friday, October 19th at 16.00
DOKUKINO KIC, Sunday, October 21st at 21.30
Slika 1