Slaughter Nick for President
Rob Stewart, Canada, Serbia, 2012.
Directed by: Rob Stewart
Script: Rob Stewart, Marc Vespi
Producer: Liza Vespi, Rob Stewart, Marc Vespi, Bane Antović
Production company: Slaughter Nick Productions
Cinematography: Zoran Jovanović Žofr, Časlav Petrović
Editing: Darrell Macdonald
Music: Meiro Stamm
Format: video
Running time: 72'

Rob Stewart is a 47-year-old journeyman Canadian actor. The ups and downs of his career have been extreme. After 20 years in the biz, the one-time CBS TV star finds himself living with his parents after being forced to move from Los Angeles back to Brampton, Ontario. It’s late 2008 and Stewart’s son introduces his father to Facebook where a quick vanity search yields an astonishing discovery: Rob Stewart is wildly famous... in Serbia. With little else on his agenda, Rob decides to travel to the Balkan state to find out more. Wonder of wonders. Rob's long-forgotten starring role as Nick Slaughter - a pony-tailed beach-bum detective on the 1990s American TV series Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets) is by far the most popular show in the history of Serbian television. But it gets even more bizarre - Stewart learns of the student protests against former Serbian Dictator Slobodan Milosevic and how the character of Nick Slaughter became a symbol of freedom and democracy for the movement that eventually led to his downfall.

Awards and Festivals
North By Northeast Music And Film Festival 2012
Cinema City International film Festival 2012

Directors Biography
Rob Stewart is a television actor with 25 years’ experience in TV series and MOWs, including Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets), Painkiller Jane, Nikita, LA Complex and Heartland. Rob began his career as a writer/director, and later, while starring as the lead character Nick Slaughter in Tropical Heat, he also wrote and directed five episodes. Slaughter Nick for President is Rob’s first foray into documentary filmmaking.

Location and screening schedule:
GRIČ CINEMA, Tuesday, October 16th at 10.00
GRIČ CINEMA, Tuesday, October 16th at 20.00
DOKUKINO KIC, Thursday, October 18th at 21.30
Slika 1