Iceberg Riders
Ap Verheggen, Svebor Kranjc, Netherlands, 2012.
Directed by: Ap Verheggen, Svebor Kranjc
Producer: Ap Verheggen, Svebor Kranjc
Production company: A Cool Emotion Production
Cinematography: Hessel Waalewijn
Editing: Ap Verheggen, Svebor Kranjc
Format: video
Running time: 52'

The 'warm' winters prevent the local Eskimos from travelling the sea ice on their dog sledges and hunt the animals of the Arctic. In no more than four years the temperature of the water has risen so rapidly that the sea ice has become unreliable, if indeed it is there at all. The way out of this predicament for the local people is to find a new way of living and thus, adapt the culture that they have relied on for a long time. To help visualise the choices and inherent dilemmas that such change will bring about, two large sculptures were built and placed on an iceberg, depicting dog sledge riders. Normally the riders decide when their journey will start and whence it will lead. For the two riders in the art project the context had changed and nature would decide the itinerary. GPS equipment attached to the sculptures allowed a world-wide audience to track the journey of the iceberg on the internet. Indeed nature did decide the itinerary, because where normally the sizeable iceberg that carried the sculptures would survive for some three or four years sailing the Baffin Sea offshore West Greenland, its journey ended surprisingly only after two months when it melted and vanished in the "warm" waters of Uummannaq bay.

Directors Biography
Ap Verheggen studied at Academy of Contemporary Art, Maastricht, got Master Degree in Architectural Design. He is Cultural Ambassador for UNESCO-IHE, water education institute of United Nations. Svebor Kranjc is storyteller, cameraman and video editor with 20 years of experience in production of hard news, music videos and documentaries on assignments from Afghanistan and Bosnia to India and Greenland.

Location and screening schedule:
GRIČ CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 12.00
GRIČ CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 18.00
DOKUKINO KIC, Friday, October 19th at 21.30
Slika 1