Football Rebels / Les rebelles du foot
Gilles Perez, Gilles Rof, France, 2012.
Directed by: Gilles Perez, Gilles Rof
Script: Gilles Perez, Gilles Rof
Producer: Cyrille Perez, Gilles Perez
Production company: 13 Productions, Canto Bros, Arte France
Cinematography: Feinstein Patrick, Gherdoussi Sylvain Luini
Editing: Emmanuel Besnard, Laurence Generet
Format: video
Running time: 90'

At a time when business seems to be corrupting our relationship with sport, the indomitable Éric Cantona shows us footballers who’ve managed to resist. Their names are Mekloufi, Sócrates, Pasic, Caszely or Drogba. Five players who took part in disputes or fought back against the spheres of power, becoming figureheads of resistance or rebellion, well beyond their sole sporting achievements.

Awards and Festivals
Sarajevo Film Festival 2012

Directors Biography
Gilles Perez (born 1946) is an internationally renowned French photojournalist known for his documentation of war and strife, including in Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, Iran, and Rwanda. His work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Du magazine, Life, Stern, Geo, Paris-Match, Parkett, Aperture and The New Yorker. He joined Magnum Photos in 1971 and served three times as its vice president and twice as its president.

Location and screening schedule:
GRIČ CINEMA, Tuesday, October 16th at 12.00
GRIČ CINEMA, Tuesday, October 16th at 18.00
DOKUKINO KIC, Wednesday, October 17th at 21.30
Slika 1