Real life of east London in debut film by the famous musician Plan B

Ill Manors is the long expected directorial debut by the award-winning British rap musician, singer, lyrics writer and actor Ben Drew, known as Plan B.

His second studio album launched Plan B right to the top of the UK charts and he acquired acting experience in films by Noel Clarke, Adulthood, and, as well as Harry Brown by Daniel Barber.

Plan B transposed the experience of growing up on the streets of east London into his lyrics, but also his first attempt at directing. Ill Manors is at the same time brave and visually impressive thriller, but also a dreary, ultra-realistic image of the world on the verge of self-destruction. Even though at moments it is rough and shocking, Ill Manors is filled with “wise” street humour.

Visually direct and without hesitation, Ill Manors gives the audience a rare opportunity to take a peek into the lives of wrecked real people ignored by the system and society.

The plot takes place in London’s Forrest Gate and revolves around six separate characters fighting for survival in a world of violence surrounding them. Plan B’s songs act as narration and form a soundtrack of sorts. It includes the song made during the London protests in 2011, proclaimed by The Guardian as “the first big protest song after a long, long time.”