Follow ZFF Film Workshops on tportal Stream

On Wednesday and Thursdays, only on tportal's stream, you can follow Zagreb Film Festival's Microschool advanced training workshops.

On Wednesday at 2p.m. you will have a chance to attend a case study conducted by the makers of Borrowed Time, director Julian Bishop and producer Olivier Kaempfer who, together with the Microwave Film London team, will be discussing tools for development of one's own projects.

On Thursday at 2p.m., Carey Fitzgerald, British international sales agent from Highpoint Sales, and Hrvoje Stipanov, head of Continental Film's theatrical distribution, will discuss Croatian and international film sales, cost factors and market in general.

Aimed at commissioning the next generation of film-making talent in London, Microwave is Film London’s micro-budget feature film-making scheme. Microwave has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2006. In partnership with BBC Films and supported by Creative Skillset, this unique training-through-production scheme offers fledgling talent an avenue into feature production. Microwave has produced seven features, including Eran Creevy’s Shifty and the directorial debut Ill Manors by the director known as Plan B (to be shown at the festival in Cinema Europa on Tuesday, 16 October at 10p.m.).

An integral part to the success of the scheme is the innovative four-day development workshop Microschool International, which gives film-makers the tools to develop their project intensively with top industry professional and talent. Film London Microwave is teaming up with Zagreb Film Festival, the British Council and Croatian Audiovisual centre to deliver the first Microschool International during the festival for 11 teams of emerging Croatian film directors (filmmakers).