Checkers Jury


Christian DenierNational Selection Committee member at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
Hristina PopovićActress
Danilo ŠerbedžijaDirector and Screenwriter

Christian Denier
 was born in 1953 in Clermont-Ferrand. After studying German he went on to study architecture and graduated in 1992. He has been mainly working at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival since 1992 (and since 1980 as a volunteer). He is a a member of the national and the international (German section) selection committees, project coordinator at the Media Education Center of the festival and in charge of the technical organisation of the Short Film Market.

Christian Denier



Hristina Popović, is a Serbian actress, born in Belgrade in 1982. She gradated in Acting from the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Art (in the class of Mirjana Karanović, a renowned actress). She acts in theater, on film and on TV. She worked with numerous stage directors in Serbia (e.g. with Miloš Lolić on God Is DJ production). She also worked with Slovenian stage director Tomaž Pandur (three productions). She appeared in a dozen films, including Srđan Dragojević's Parade, awarded at Berlin Film Festival. She received Gorki List International Award for Most Inventive Young Artist in 2007 (for her role in Tesla Electriccompany stage production) and Grand Prix for Lead Actress for Parade at SOFEST. Other awards: Empress Theodora at Niš Film Festival and Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival (also for Parade – category: minority productions). 


Hristina Popović, glumica



Danilo Šerbedžija is a director and screenwriter, born in Zagreb in 1971. He graduated in Philosophy and Greek Language from the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. He obtained his M.A. at the Ohio University School of Film, under mentorship of Rajko Grlić. His 2002 film, Berto from Jakovci, won Best Short Documentary Award at Athens International Film and Video Festival. His Mussels in Wine won him Oktavijan Critics' Award for Best Short Film at the 12th Days of Croatian Film. Seventy Two Hours (2010) is his first feature-length fiction film. It won Golden Gate (audience award for best film), Golden Arenas for Best Male Actor, Best Male Supporting Actor and Best Mask, and Young Film-lovers' Award for Best Film. The film was the Croatian candidate for Oscar for Best Film in Foreign Language. His feature-length fiction film Liberation of Skopje and documentary film Vesna Parun – Ti koja imaš nevinije ruke are currently in postproduction. 


Danilo Šerbedžija