Northern Skirts / Nordrand
Barbara Albert, Austria, 1999.
Directed by: Barbara Albert
Script: Barbara Albert
Producer: Erich Lackner
Production company: Fama Film, Lotus Film, Zero Film
Cinematography: Christine A. Maier
Editing: Monika Willi
Music: The Kelly Family
Cast: Nina Proll, Edita Malovcic, Astrit Alihajdaraj, Tudor Chirila, Michael Tanczos, Georg Friedrich, Nicholas Ofczarek
Format: video
Running time: 103'

In 1995, as the conflict in Bosnia rages out of control, two teenage women in a Central European community try to help each other make the best of a difficult situation. Jasmin was born in Austria, works in a pastry shop, and tries to drown the unhappiness of her life at home by sleeping around, though she has a steady date, a Romanian named Valentin who dreams of emigrating to America. Tamara is Serbian, has a job as a nurse, and misses her family, who are stuck in Sarajevo. For solace, Tamara turns to her boyfriend, Roman, though as a member of the military he's gone more often than he's home. Jasmine and Tamara were friends in childhood, but they have not seen each other in years when each becomes pregnant; they visit the same abortion clinic and catch up on old times, offering each other emotional support while struggling through a difficult time.

Awards and Festivals
Viennale 1999 - FIPRESCI Prize, Vienna Film Award
Venice Film Festival 1999 - Marcello Mastroianni Award
Stockholm Film Festival 1999 - Best Directorial Debut
Max Ophüls Festival 2000 - Femina Film Award, Promotional Award, Screenplay Award
Gijón International Film Festival 1999 - Grand Prix Asturias Best Feature
Festróia - Tróia International Film Festival 2000 - Special Mention - First Works Section
Austria's official Best Foreign Language Film submission at the 72nd Academy Awards

Directors Biography
Barbara Albert (born 1970 in Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian writer, film-producer and film-director. She studied filmmaking at the Wiener Filmakademie. Her first film to become known to a larger audience was Nordrand, which describes the reality of life of Yugoslavian children in Vienna. Later on, she has made State of the Nation: Austria in Six Chapters (2002) and Free Radicals (2003). She heads the production company Coop 99 with Jessica Hausner and Antonin Svoboda, among others.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB DANCE CENTRE, Wednesday, October 17th at 20.30
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