Shay Levi, Israel, 2012.
Directed by: Shay Levi
Script: Shay Levi
Producer: Adi Schenker
Production company: Minshar School Of Art
Cinematography: Adam Zaslavsky
Editing: Or Lee-Tal
Cast: Tom Hagi, Ami Weinberg, Viki Moran, Ester Dentes Sagi, Amit Mashiach
Format: video
Running time: 19'

After a psychotic breakdown, Shay must readjust to life with his family. A moving, profound study of a troubled young man attempting to rebuild his life.

Awards and Festivals
Cannes Film Festival 2012
Chicago International Film Festival 2012

Directors Biography
Shay Levi was born in 1979, in Rehovot. Started Cinema studies at Camera Obscura school of arts and graduated with Minshar School For Art in Tel Aviv. Return is his first film.

Location and screening schedule:
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 10.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Wednesday, October 17th at 19.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Sunday, October 21st at 13.00
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