amateurs / amateri
Luka Čurčić, Croatia, 2012.
Directed by: Luka Čurčić
Script: Luka Čurčić
Producer: Tibor Keser
Production company: Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb
Cinematography: Ivana Marinić-Kragić
Editing: Tihomir Vrbanec
Cast: Karla Brbić, Silvio Vovk
Format: video
Running time: 7'

A silent love and erotica story about how a beginning seems to us when looked at from the end and the other way round: an end that we see in the very beginning.

Directors Biography
Luka Čurčić was born in Zagreb in 1986. He is studying Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy. Filmography (short films): Mine (2010), Little Mouse (2011), Garage Innovator (2011), A Film-Noire Scene (2012).

Location and screening schedule: TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Monday, October 15th at 23.00