Main program | Checkers

Dear audience,
We have prepared for you a wide variety of little pearls behind which there is a big effort. What is more important, the great passion invested in them is what makes them so interesting. That passion radiates from every frame in these films. I believe you will perceive its light when watching them in a dark theater. What guided me in selection of these stories were the way they were presented and the directors' imagination, freshness and discourse. All this creative energy, manifested in the several hours of this program, is the reason why I am convinced that the program includes probably the best of current Croatian short film production. We are proud of it. You should be, too, because these films have been made primarily for you.

Vladimir Gojun, Selector of Checkers Program

Sonja Tarokić, Croatia
Hani Domazet, Croatia
Dario Juričan, Croatia
Vanja Vascarac, Croatia
Hana Jušić, Croatia
Josip Žuvan, Croatia
Luka Čurčić, Croatia
Goran Ribarić, Croatia
Petar Orešković, Croatia
Ivana Škrabalo, Croatia
Ivan Sikavica, Croatia
Film program is subject to change without notice.