Side program | The Great 5

Great 5 Program is joining the festival's jubilee with its own anniversary – its fifth year as one permanent programs of Zagreb Film Festival. Great 5 program presents various film genres in order to give our audience an opportunity to become acquainted with the phenomenon of successful European films from the countries with high audiovisual production capacities. By this we do not mean just the films with successful national distribution, but also the films that, if not necessarily considered hits, have proved through festival screenings and awards they have won that they are important for the development of European cinematography. Thus, we will have a chance to see films from Italy, Spain, France, UK and Germany. I would like to thank the network of European Union's cultural institutes in Croatia (UNIC Croatia) which has been supporting this program for years. Let us hope that our joint forces will contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity and strengthening of intercultural identity. In the name of the festival, I also thank our audience, who have made all the above possible.


Lana Ujdur, Producer of Zagreb Film Festival

Lana Ujdur, producentica Zagreb Film Festivala



Toke Constantin Hebbeln, Germany
Andrea Arnold, UK
Matteo Garrone, Italy, France
Romain Levy, France
Mateo Gil, Spain, France, U.S., Bolivia

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Program The Great Five is organized in collaboration with EUNIC network.

Film program is subject to change without notice.