Masterclass: Michael Glawogger

Tuesday, October 16th 2012 , 5 PM / Dokukino KIC


Restart and Zagreb Film Festival are organizing on 16th of October, in cinema Dokukino KIC (Preradovićeva 5) at 5 o’clock, Michael Glawogger awarded Austrian filmmaker and this year’s member of Zagreb Film Festival jury will maintain a masterclass in the form of the staged conversation with Serbian documentary filmmaker Boris Mitić in which they will talk about - nothing. Michael Glawogger's masterclass is organized by RESTART and Zagreb Film Festival, with the support of Austrian cultural forum, Croatian Audiovisual Center and Cultural department City of Zagreb. 

Michael Glawogger is a director, writer and cinematographer and his work in each of these roles displays a broad spectrum. Glawogger was born in Graz, Austria, in 1959. He is a traveling filmmaker. Not only does he literally journey around the world for his documentaries, he also moves back and forth between forms and genres, between photography and writing, between gentler and more forceful tones. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and the Vienna Film Academy and has since worked as a director, writer, and cinematographer in Vienna, Bangkok, and Znojmo. His recent works range from the literary adaptation Kill Daddy Good Night (2009) and the quirky comedies Slugs (2004) and Contact High (2009) to his essayist documentaries Whore's Glory (2011), Megacities (2009) and Workingman's Death (2004). 

Michael Glawogger