Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša Coming to ZFF!

The world premiere of Slovenian film My Name Is Janez Janša will be taking place in Cinema Grič tonight at 6p.m and you can see it again on Friday, 7.30 pm at Dokukino KC and on Sunday at 6 om at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Director Janez Janša and co-writers Janez Janša and Janez Janša will be presenting the film to Zagreb audience. These unusual namesakes are not only the film's authors, but also conceptual artists whose name-change act was an inspiration for the making of this documentary.

In 2007, the three artists joined the conservative Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) and officially changed their names into Janez Janša – the name of the party's leader and Slovenian Prime Minister at the same time. Although they changed their names for personal reasons, the boundaries between their lives and real life started to blur, which manifested in numerous and unexpected ways. Perceived as an act of art, this name change triggered various interpretations in Slovenian and international art circles, as well as among members of press and in general public.

Besides historical references, popular cultures and experience of individuals, the film explores the problem of homonymy and other reasons driving people to change their names. It presents to us a case of name change that stirred commotion in Slovenia and beyond.