Children of Kinshasa Wins HT Audience Award!

The best film of the feature-length program by audience vote is Children of Kinshasa, the debutant film of Belgian director Marc-Henri Wajnberg. It is a combination of documentarism and fiction – inspired by an incredible story from Congo's capital Kinshasa. Wajnberg's fiction film manages to recreate the spirit and structure of the city.

The story is based on the widespread African practice – harassment of children accused for witchcraft. Specifically, there are some 30,000 children in Kinshasa who have been accused of demonic possession and then thrown out of their homes.

It was Children of Kinshasa that won the most text-message votes sent by HT subscribers in the voting-cum-prize-game that lasted from 14-21 October 2012. During that time, the HT subscribers had a chance to assess films, participate in a prize game and win NOKIA LUMIA 800.

The prizes were publicly drawn on 21 October. The luckiest among the participants was Pero Ĉuk from Zagreb. Congratulations!

Besides by phone (the cell-phone number he used for taking part in the text-message prize game), the winner will also be notified of the prize in writing.